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Biography of Vladimir M. Zakharov

Professor ZakharovProfessor Zakharov began his scientific career in the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Developmental Biology. There he received two scientific degrees and after a year of work in West Germany as a visiting professor, he was promoted to a position of Head of the Department.

During that time, Professor Zakharov developed himself as a scientist and manager, focusing all energy in the scientific field. He began networking with peers internationally when it was not so common in Russia.

He started his ecological activity at NGO in 1994, as a director of the Center for Russian Environmental Policy. In that position, he was responsible for fundraising, policy creation and staff management. In that role, Professor Zakharov began identifying priorities for Russian environmental policy and their implementation in regions. The results were accepted and approved by NGO’s coalition and governmental agencies.

His prior experience includes leading Environmental policy projects such as:

  • “Social Forum on Climate Change and Energy Security”
  • “New Mechanisms for Environmental Policy Implementation in Russia”
  • “Health of the Environment as an Indicator of Sustainable Development”
  • “Organization of the Second All-Russia Congress on Nature Protection”
  • “Environmental Policy: from the Federal Center to the Regions”

Under Professor Zakharov’s direction, progress was made in these policy projects, through organization of the NGO’s coalition and contacts with governmental agencies and scientific community.

Currently, as a Chair of the Commission of Environmental Security of Public Chamber of Russian Federation, Professor Zakharov is working on developing a civil society that will allow a real and positive co-operation between state institutes and non-governmental sector. In addition Professor Zakharov still keeps the position of a head of the Department of the Institute of Developmental Biology and Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, and the position of a director of the Center for Russian Environmental Policy.


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