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Biography of Mayté González

Mayté GonzálezMayté González has been working for the environmental sector in Panama for over 10 ten years.  As a consultant, Mayté worked for several years in different environmental programs and projects, including proposal writing, project coordination and monitoring.  She has been involved in the creation and implementation of several pieces of environmental legislation such as the National Wildlife Law, the National Law for Aquaculture and the law for the Coiba National Park, among others.  With experience in both private and public sectors, Gonzalez has advocated for environmental considerations in different areas such as the Judicial Branch and the Aquaculture and Fisheries industry in Panama.  In 2004 she contributed to the establishment and operational start up of Fundación Marviva in Panama, an organization dedicated to marine conservation.  As legal coordinator for the Foundation she had a leading role in a national campaign to pass a law for the  Coiba National Park and the establishment of its initial regulatory framework.  Since January of 2006, Mayté has been Program Coordinator of the TNC Panama Program, responsible for administrative and operational aspects of the program.  As coordinator of the National Implementation Support Partnership, she maintains close relations with government authorities and NGOs, seeking synergies in the implementation of environmental efforts with emphasis on protected areas of the Biological Diversity Convention and land zoning processes.

Mayté González initiated her legal studies in Valparaíso, Chile and graduated from the University of Panama's School of Law in 1996.   In 2003 Mayté obtained a Master of Science in Industrial Administration and a Post Graduate certificate in Senior Management both from the Technological University of Panama. 


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