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Biography of Neil Doherty

Daniel C. EstyNeil Doherty is the Frederick H. Ecker professor of insurance and risk management and chair of the Department of Insurance and Risk Management at the Wharton School. A principal area of interest is in corporate risk management focusing on the financial strategies for managing risks that traditionally have been insurable. Such strategies include the use of existing derivatives, the design of new financial products and the use of capital structure.  He has written three books in this area (“Corporate Risk Management: A Financial Exposition” 1985  “The Financial Theory of Insurance Pricing” 1987 (with S. D’Arcy)) and Integrated Risk Management, 2000 as well as several recent papers. The other area of interest is the economics of risk and information and has written papers on the adverse selection, the value of information, and the design of insurance contracts with imperfect information and related issues. These papers have appeared in the Journal of Risk and Insurance, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics,  Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Finance, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, etc.. He is also the co-author of Managerial Economics (2003 - with B. Allen and K. Weigelt). In 2005 Doherty coauthored two reports on the insurance industry. The first, The Economics of Insurance Intermediaries provided an economic analysis of some of the issues raised by Elliot Spitzer’s investigation into broker compensation and bidding for insurance. The second, TRIA and beyond provided an economic analysis of terrorism insurance and the public policy option facing the government with the expiration of TRIA.


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