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Forum Raffle Beneficiary 2007, Costa Rica
— " ECOENTREPRENEURSHIP" Ticos y Nicas: Somos Hermano

San Juan River, Nicaragua & Costa Rica

The region that borders Nicaragua and Costa Rica has a distinctive natural characteristic of being dominated by water and luscious and exuberant nature where wetlands prevail. The high basin of the San Juan River and the southern coast of the Lake of Nicaragua are of singular beauty, reminiscent of the amazonic landscapes. Thousands of animal and plant species, many of them aquatic and endemic to the area, flourish in these wetlands. These natural formations are very important for the water cycle and climate control, which are basic elements of the world’s climate change and global warming. The conservation of this natural wealth is imperative and can only be accomplished if the livelihood of its residents is improved.  The local residents are impoverished, with few and limited options for subsistence, work and basic services of education, health and shelter.  Just like its environment, this region’s people are bi-national and their activities and relationships have no “borders”. 

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The project “ECOENTREPRENEURSHIP” targets the needs of this population, in order to improve its lifestyle and thus preserve the priceless and extraordinarily ecosystem they live in.  This project’s thesis is that if we educate these people, and help them get out of poverty by becoming “ecoentrepreneurs” we can at the same time preserve the environment.  The project intends to educate the population on the nature’s diverse flora and fauna, weather and water systems, tourism needs and opportunities.  This training, joined with other investment initiatives in the area, may increase responsible tourism industries creating jobs that are good for the people and the environment.

Ecoentrepreneurship is very grateful for being the philanthropic initiative and the recipient of the proceeds of the Raffle, a long-standing tradition of the Wharton Alumni Forums.  More information regarding this initiative will be available at the Ecoentreprenteurship booth during the Wharton Global Alumni Forum the Costa Rica.


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